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Andrew Rannells Hedwig

Andrew Rannells Forced To Give A Handjob

Andrew Rannells stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday and ended up discussing handjobs on his role as Elijah ON HBO's Girls.  Rammells...
Tim Robards On The Beach Shirtless

The Naked Bachelor: Tim Robards

To be a bachelor on the TV show The Bachelor, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are buff and have the...

Andrew Rannells Strips To His Underwear

This is a really slutty store.'We’re not sure why this scene With Andrew Rannells and Lena Dunham from Girls didn’t make the Season 3 cut, but...

VonCoda Underwear Promos

 VonCoda Underwear, a Poland based brand             released some sexy new promo images by photographer Bartlomiej Chabalowski.  The collection was designed...
Finn Wittock

Finn Wittrock Is New American Horror Story Psycho

American Horror Story's Dandy Mott played by Finn Wittrock has been catching out attention lately.  If you are watching this seasons you know that once again he...

More Male Nudity On Game Of Thrones

"More Male Nudity On The Show" - Natalie DormerIn an interview with The Daily Beast, Natalie Dormer, who plays Queen Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, was asked to...
Liam Hemsworth Shirtless

5 Facts About Liam Hemsworth

  Given the rising popularity of Liam, we thought it might be fun to present five fun facts about this masculine, rugged actor. For fun,...
Sharon Needles Drag

Sharon Needles Speaks Out

by Josh Rotter   I think you may be the most enduringly popular contestant in "Drag Race" history.How ironic is that? The most unpopular kid becoming the...

Lady Bunny: Drag Icon and performance artist

"How have you seen nightlife change and develop during your decades in the scene? How is it different today?I’ve seen the rise of the...

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