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How Much Money Do You Think Gay Porn Stars Make?

 What Do Gay Porn Stars Earn?Remarkably little. While some name brand stars can earn up to $5,000 a scene, the vast majority make about...
henry rollins

Henry Rollins Joins The Shirtless Painter

Musician, actor, comedian, and author Henry Rollins joined Funny or Die’s The Shirtless Painter for a one-on-one art session in which they take “painting...
steve grand

Steve Grand Becomes A New Man

Steve Grand became something of a new man in 2016.  Just before going onstage in Colorado on New Year’s Eve, The popular singer wrote an...
warwick rowers

The Warwick Rowers Release Their 2018 Calendar

As the grotesquerie we’re calling 2017 shambles towards the end, we can at least find solace in the fact that a bounty of beefcakey...
Scott Eastwood

27 Things To Learn About Scott Eastwood

1. If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you pick? Play me? No one would wanna play me, I’m a nobody. I’m...
pietro boselli

Pietro Boselli Loses strip Rock, Paper, Scissors

Pietro Boselli is everywhere, and yet we still haven’t grown remotely weary of him. Related: Pietro Boselli His The Gym In the following clip, he gamely...
andrew christian

Get Ready For A Reality Show About Underwear Designer Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian, the designer behind the most presumptuously pouched underwear known to man, is getting his own reality show. “Have you ever wondered what it’s...

Lady Bunny: Drag Icon and performance artist

"How have you seen nightlife change and develop during your decades in the scene? How is it different today?I’ve seen the rise of the...
shirtless model with cat

Handsome Model Worksout Shirtless With His Cat

Model Travis Deslaurier is melting hearts and winning fans with his shirtless workouts fearing his cat, Jacob. The Canadian model/actor has gained mass popularity in...

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