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russian fitness model

Russian Fitness Model Konstantin Kamynin Gets Naked

Russian Fitness Model Get Naked Konstantin Kamynin is a man of many skills.  He is a self confessed manager, actor, singer, director of musical and...
erotic male model

Erotic Male: Alexey Tsvelodubov Gets Nude

Erotic Male: Alexey Tsvelodubov Gets Nude erotic male                 Russian model Alexey Tsvelodubov by Amer Mohamad
cum and sweat

The Tart Beauty of Cum and Sweat

The Tart Beauty of Cum and Sweat "Raw and Unapologetic" Photographic works of the artist, currently living and working in Berlin, focus on physicality in its...
ross rossilino sexy briefs

Ross Rossilino Is Here In Jamie Button Underwear

Ross Rossilino Is Here! Check out this blonde sexy beast.  He is based in Leeds UK and if your looking for a hot new Instagram...
shirtless aussies boxers briefs

Shirtless Aussies Drop Their Shorts In Boxers or Briefs

Enter, the latest installment of The Underwear Expert’s web series “Boxers of Briefs?” The new episode features shirtless Aussies including dancer Locky Brownlie and YouTuber...
olly murs naked pineapple selfie

Olly Murs Show Off His Naked Pineapple

Olly Murs isn’t the kind of a guy to shy away from showing off his body. Back in May he celebrated a football win...
shirtless man gay zine pinups

Gay Zine “Pinups” Turns 10 and Takes A Look Back At...

Gay Zine Primal Gay Zine - “The thing abut the nude image is that people tend to become confronted by their emotions about sex when...
horny marines

Military Men: Shirtless Marines

Do Shirtless Marines Get You Hot? Everyone appreciates all the work that our military does to protect us.  To be in the military means being...
Naked Greg Rutherford

Rio Athlete Greg Rutherford Strips Down For Naked Attitude Shoot

Greg Rutherford Strips Down Fresh off his bronze medal finish in the men’s long jump in Rio, Team Great Britain's premiere ginger hottie Greg Rutherford...

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