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michael phelps

Michael Phelps Skintight Wetsuit Bulge

Here he goes again. Michael Phelps is blowing up the internet and not leaving much to the imagination of everyone salivating over his last...
manflesh calendar

The Hottest Manflesh Calendar’s In 2017

2017 Medley of Manflesh Happy New Year!  Calendars come in so many themes that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one best suits...
Casey Spooner

Casey Spooner Has A Sex Makeover

Casey Spooner : Sex Makeover First of all, sexuality is so closely tied to photography now. It’s like, you’re only going to get as much...
warwick rowers

The Warwick Rowers Strip To Deliver Message To Trump and Pence

Warwick Rowers Address Difficult Year of Human Rights The Warwick Rowers have written an open letter addressing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and the world's...

Above the Sheets: Men In Underwear At Home Show Body Diversity

‘When you remove everything but their underwear, within the most private of spaces - a bedroom – you can capture the essence of the...
jonathan knight

Jonathan Knight Gets Engaged To Longtime Partner

Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block proposed to longtime partner Harley Rodriguez while on vacation in Africa. ‘I just figured this was...
underwear boys

Underwear Boys Strip Down To Carve Pumpkins

Underwear Boys Strip Down To Carve Pumpkins Underwear Expert host and YouTuber DanielXMiller was joined by Matt Crawford (aka DaddyCrawf) to have a pumpkin carving...
pete burns

Dead or Alive’s Peter Burns Dies Suddenly

RIP Pete Burns Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns has died at age 57 after suffering a cardiac arrest, his management has said. A statement on...

Is Being Called A Daddy A Right of Passage?

Daddy "Should we be annoyed or turned on" when we suddenly start being called Daddy. At the very least, we’re far from alone in our torment. A Redditor...

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