john krasinski muscle sex

Actor John Krasinski Is Buff and Having Better Sex!

John Krasinski Is Having Good Sex! Do you remember "the good guy" Jim Krasinski from "The Office”?  Well he's been keeping busy at the gym...
gay athlete josh dixon

Gymnast Josh Dixon Can Help You Get Your V Shape

Get Ripped With Josh Dixon Olympic hopeful Josh Dixon gets in three workouts on days when he's training. Here's how he's earned that ripped physique. “Workouts...
shirtless model with cat

Handsome Model Worksout Shirtless With His Cat

Model Travis Deslaurier is melting hearts and winning fans with his shirtless workouts fearing his cat, Jacob. The Canadian model/actor has gained mass popularity in...

Tom Daley Sweats With His Full Body Workout

Tom Daley is back with another all over body workout to help you reach your fitness goals. The out Olympian, who is prepping for Rio...

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