Ben Cohen Makes A Correction


History has shown us rugby player Ben Cohen isn’t totally averse to having his picture taken in various states of undress — and one of those pics has been setting social media on fire as it makes the rounds from channel to channel.

The only problem: It isn’t him.

That’s according to Cohen himself, who broke plenty of fans’ hearts when he broke the news.

The image, allegedly taken while Cohen posed for Attitude, features him totally nekkid and concealing his crotch with his hands.

But, as the rugby hunk tells his Twitter followers, “It’s a fake picture buddy!!!”

You can take a look at the subtly-NSFW image here, if you want to see a rather artistically rendered fake celebrity nude.


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But why bother, since you can happily spend the rest of the day lording over his raft of equally arousing Instagram pics?

Take a look: 



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