John Stamos Celebrated His 54th Birthday By Stripping Down


On Monday, while so many people were gleefully staring at the sun until their pupils sizzled out, sensible creeps stayed indoors leering at their computer screens, and a picture of John Stamos’s backside, which the actor generously offered his fans on Instagram in celebration of his 54th birthday.

Here’s how that turned out: 

It’s far from the first time Stamos explored his exhibitionist side. Why, just last September he took it upon himself to give us a close-up clothes-off with his Screen Queens costar Glen Powell, like so:

"I think our wieners just touched, accidentally." (was it really an accident @glenpowell ??  

When he turned 52, he treated fans to an impromptu striptease, because he’s John Stamos and he does whatever he wants.

At 52, proof I put on my undies like everyone else... one leg at a time. 

 We should probably mention that in 2015 he happily turned the other cheek for Paper magazine:

Come to think of it, perhaps a naked John Stamos isn’t quite as rare as spotting a caracal.

Or a pigeon:

Oh, and:

What he gets up to next year is anyone’s guess.

h/t: NewNowNext

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