Lady Bunny: Drag Icon and performance artist


“How have you seen nightlife change and develop during your decades in the scene? How is it different today?

I’ve seen the rise of the crappy, very undemocratic VIP/bottle service scene. In the old days, if you were fun enough, you didn’t need money to get in or pay for drinks. You could be a great dresser, dancer or a drummer like Fred The Animal who just brought something unique that spiced things up. Fred just showed up at different clubs with his drum kit and played along with the djs. His skills were snapped up for the worldwide smash “I Like To Move It.”

I’ve seen gays turn towards garbage pop instead of what gay clubs used to play — music so good that straight DJs would come to see which records they were breaking to the gay community who were then dance music’s tastemakers. Now we play the same crap that’s on the radio. Rather than asking a genius like Dennis Ferrer, who’s produced worldwide underground dance hits, to play some formulaic Britney and Rihanna, we used to go up to the DJ and ask them what the phenomenal record that they were playing was! We were looking for interesting music — not just lapping yup whatever we were sold. But that would mean that our ears would have to be open to new music that wasn’t part of the the idiotic hype machine which produces “visual albums” like Beyonce’s last tired offering. 

Listen, I’ll take the equal rights for gays, but can we please keep out traditionally better dance music?”

lady bunny