2018 Brings 12 More Months of Manflesh

alex bowen manflesh

Cats batting around yarn and sleeping in wicker baskets. A wizened retiree wistfully gazing out at the snow-tipped peaks, in awe at the majestic tapestry that is life. Dogs dressed in their finest rumpled chic, peering balefully out from behind half-moon eyeglasses. Fields of barley. Probably even the occasional winding glen.

Calendars come in so many themes that it can be tough trying to decide which one best suits you. But on the off chance that you’d rather forgo all the kittens and the fucking barley and pick up a calendar that’s heavy on the hunky side of the spectrum, we’ve got you covered.

Let us take look, eh…?

Dieux Du Stade Calendar 2018

2017 can’t end soon enough. Fortunately, next year’s already looking up — thanks to the latest Dieux Du Stade calendar. Now entering its ninth year, 2018’s installment appears to be profiling some of their hottest athletes yet.

Think we’re lying? Frankly, that hurts.

The preview images below — photographed by Errikos Andeou — demonstrates just how much unspeakable beauty we’re talking about.

Alex Bowen Official 2018 Calendar

If the name Alex Bowen sounds familiar, it may be because of his stint on UK reality show Love Island — or because of that rather astonishing photo incident from July 2016. Because of the sheer enormity of the find, Bowen’s leak was the talk of the Internet for days. And days. People couldn’t get enough (and there was enough to go around, yeah.)

Now, the reality star is bringing out his 2018 calendar, which finds him once again showing off in his briefs and, yes, much much less in a work un-friendly photo you can see here.

Here are some highlights:

And here’s what he did when the shoot was over: 

The Warwick Rowers’ 2018 calendar

As the grotesquerie we’re calling 2017 shambles towards an end, we can at least find solace in the fact that a bounty of beefcakey calendars is on the horizon.

Case in point: The Warwick Rowers’ 2018 calendar, which features the athletic young men cavorting throughout the UK and Spain, being ever-so shirtless and iconic.

Proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Sports Allies, an organization that aims to remove homophobia from the world of sports.

Head here to get your hands on one.

Have a look:

Steve Grand in Provincetown 2018 Calendar

New Years Resolution #12: Finally — finally — commit to buying lots of super-sexy calendars.

Steve Grand, the openly gay country singer who gleefully parades around in superior jockstraps, is giving fans exactly what they want this holiday season: He’s releasing not one but two fleshy calendars to ring in the New Year.

Nail one of these against the wall and you’ll have more Steve Grand than you know what to do with.

The images, photographed by Zack Zerbe, each feature Grand parading around in skimpy swimwear and generally being hot stuff.

“I just had to make two calendars worth of images,” Steve gushes. “So yes, both calendars have their own unique set of photos, although all the photos came from the same photoshoot.”

See for yourself.

Red Hot Cocks 2018

The Red Hot calendar boys have concocted a spin-off calendar for 2018 that features the models in all their naked glory.

The somewhat artlessly named Red Hot Cocks calendar features some of the galaxy’s most handsome redheads, and their Instagram account will give you a pretty clear impression of what’s on display.

And this is guilt-free ogling, too: the whole project is raising money for Movember Foundation’s Testicular Cancer Awareness.

Have a look-see:

Meatzine 2018 calendar

Looking to celebrate “ordinary” bodies?

Meatzine‘s 2018 calendar features 12 images of naked men — all different shapes, sizes, and ages.

None of the images will be retouched.

The project aims to end body-shaming in the gay community.

Launched in 2010, the U.K.-based mag touts itself as a “smoking hot celebration” of “real guys”.

Founder/editor Adrian Lourie tells HuffPo he wanted to create “something a bit different.”

Muscular models do “nothing for my self-esteem or my body image,” he says.

That’s why he wanted to showcase “an alternative view” that went against the “prevailing image of gay men as young, with perfect, porn-ready bodies.”

Watch the promo vid, and check out highlights from the calendar below: