Austin Armacost Has His Fans Freaking Out Over Handstand


Any gay man with an Internet connection and wandering eye is probably well-aware that Austin Armacost is compulsively clothing-averse, obsessively stocking his Instagram account with thirst traps hither and yon.

Well, the model and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant continues to taunt and tease his ever ogling fan base. His latest pic finds him doing a handstand totally nude in the kitchen, with his naughty bits blacked in order to get past those censorious Instagram police.

“On Thursdays…. we do handstands in the kitchen, naked,” he captions the pic, somewhat artlessly.

Fans are now clambering for an unedited pic and lamenting that cursed black dot:

We imagine you are too, so here’s a handful of equally revealing pictures of the guy for your perverted perusal: