Australian Dancer and Fitness Model Zoran Mckiernan Becomes Candy Man


The images are part of a series called ‘Candy Man’ featuring the Australian dancer turned fitness muscle model, Zoran Mckiernan. Square jawed, strong bodied and with a sweet tooth, Zoren now lives in Hong Kong where he was photographed by the style and fashion photographer Antoni d’Esterre.

The shoot features clothes (well, some at least) from brands such as XXX, Adidas, Mass to help you show off more than a good tan this summer.



  • Photography        Antoni d'Esterre        IG @theadddproject)
  • Model                  Zoren Mckiernan       IG @zozo.the.gogo
  • Styling                  Mass Luciano             IG @massluciano
  •  Clothes                Mesh Top                  MASS · IG @mass_branded

Bathing suit               Marcuse · IG @marcuseaustralia

T-Shirts                       Bluff / Disney ·

Board Shorts             Adidas · @adidas

Underwear               Cockox · IG @cocksox_official

Pump · IG @pumpunderwear