David McIntosh Gets Instabanned

david mcintosh

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David McIntosh Appreciates His Body

David McIntosh is sure one who loves his body.  When you have a body like this, you should probably just go ahead and do everything sans clothing. McIntosh knows: “If you appreciate your body, why would you want to cover it up? You might as well show it off.”

Agreed. “I live in an apartment with buildings facing onto it, so when I walk around letting it all hang out I give the neighbors a bit of a shock,” he told Attitude in 2014.

Well urban voyeurism is one thing, but Instagram is notorious for lashing out at nudity, all while we assume its moderators clutch their pearls and let out a well-timed consecutive string of gasps.

McIntosh recently posted a suggestive photo to the app, and briskly had his account blocked. But fear not, twas only temporary.

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