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Jared Leto Shows Some Skin

jared leto

Looking for a little additional weekend motivation?  Jared Leto, the actor and frontman for Thirty Seconds To Mars took to instagram with a shirtless snapshot that reveals his amazing body.  I also appears that his infamous beard is now gone.

Leto's amazing body is no secret, but we can't help but admit his facial hair and flair for eccentric fashion has forced those washboard abs to take a backseat lately. Jared shared the photo in promotion of his rock band's latest single, "Walk on Water," which we imagine is quickly climbing the charts thanks to the musician's shameless plug.

Jared has also been actively "looking" on Tinder.Though he joked he only admitted it to "get a little stock on the company," there's a chance Leto's latest selfie is very much included front and center on his dating profile.

Speaking to his demanding schedule, Jared also explained, "I actually don't have much of a personal life, but I love my work. To me, I'd rather write a song than go to a party. I'd rather work on a piece of content or do something that I'm excited about than a lot of other things."

Let's consider this Jared's latest work of art!


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