Andy Cohen reveals Erik Estrada as first crush


When Anderson Cooper stops by BFF Andy Cohen’s nightly talk show Watch What Happens Live, it’s a good bet Cohen will be asked a few questions himself.

The CNN anchor, who was recently guesting with actress Molly Ringwald, asked Cohen who his first big crush was as a kid.

Cohen did not hesitate in his answer: Erik Estrada, the star of the police drama CHiPs which ran 1977-83.

‘He had the bulge everywhere,’ Cohen said as he raved about the way Estrada was ‘packed’ into his cop uniform on the series CHiPs.

Cohen wasn’t just about Estrada’s body though. He also loved his teeth.

Cooper piped in and remembered an episode of the show where Estrada’s character got in trouble because his uniforms were so famously tight.

‘He actually got in trouble with his supervisor because his shirts were so tailored,’ explained Cooper. ‘They made it into a storyline to explain.’

Cooper also revealed that when it comes to the men on CHiPs he was quite smitten with Larry Wilcox who played Estrada’s partner for five of the show’s six seasons. The CNN anchor had read an article as a kid about Wilcox living on a farm ‘and I imagined living on his farm.’