Casey Spooner Has A Sex Makeover

Casey Spooner

Casey Spooner : Sex Makeover

First of all, sexuality is so closely tied to photography now. casey spoonerIt’s like, you’re only going to get as much action depending on how good your pictures are and what your pictures communicate and what the location is and what the expression is. Photography and sexuality have shifted intensely.

I think, also, there’s been a big shift because there’s so many people now taking pictures of themselves naked and having to be on camera in order to have sex that everyone is completely obsessed with working out. Now that’s why we have all these different fitness trends, like SoulCycle and Flywheel and boot camps and CrossFit and juice bars—it’s because everyone is so self-conscious, so aware of their bodies now. So we’re living through this intense fantasy.

I remember when I would have sex with people,
I would meet some that I wouldn’t know who was going to do what or what was going to happen or what was in their pants. It’s like, you didn’t know; you just had to go with the vibe.

But there are also very positive aspects to it as well. I’m connecting with people that I would have never connected with who are not part of my scene. They’re not part of my socioeconomic world. They’re not a part of my neighborhood. I’m all of a sudden interacting and having sex with people that I would have never run into. And out of that, developing friendships. And out of that, working with them. I’ve had a lot of social growth out of technology and sex.