Gay Fetish Photos Capture The Intimate Side of Leather


Photographer Aaron Herrera grew up in a society where it was bad for a man to appreciate another man’s body.  He felts as if the attraction were forbidden.  Out of his attraction a curiosity was botn to take sexy pictures of men.  Herrera wanted to capture and intimate and close view of the male body and male sexuality.  

Herrera is from Mexico City and his leather images were inspired by artist Tom of Finland, whose work helped him to discover his own leather fetish.

“It is interesting to see how a man can be transformed with just a harness or a piece of leather,” he explains, “how a shy man becomes a sex god.”

Herrera says joining the leather community has helped him find that sense of place he longed for growing up.

“At first, I was into the leather community just for the sex, again because it was forbidden for me,” he explains. “Now, it’s more about brotherhood. Men can show their emotions, sexual instincts and wild sides without being judged or rejected. That is what I try to capture in my work.”

Scroll down for a sampling of Herrera’s work, and see more on his official Facebook page

aaron-herrera-1 male fetish

leather daddy

gay leather jock