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robert mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe Documentary Trailer: Look At The Pictures

Explore deeper into the mystery of photographer Robert Maplethorpe who defined raw erotic sexuality.   “I was always fascinated by the idea of taking...
Brent ray Fraser

Brent Ray Fraser Paints With His Penis On Live TV

Search Subscribe! If art is meant to make us question the world around us, then Brent Ray Fraser is a bona...
Gay Erotica

Artist Steven Arnold Enchants With Gay Erotica

Artist Steven Arnold was a protégé of Salvador Dalí, who set up an exhibition at the St Regis to introduce Arnold's masterpieces to the...

Ben McNutt Shares His Wrestling Thesis

Ben McNutt's images of young wrestlers, the paraphernalia of the sport, and the images of classical sculpture have a sensual and yet paradoxically celibate...

Artist Brent Ray Paints With His Penis

Brent Ray Fraser's Penis ArtIn 2009 painter and performance artist began imprinting his penis on a canvas.  Today he uses his genitals as artistic...

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