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Andrew Rannells Hedwig

Andrew Rannells Forced To Give A Handjob

Andrew Rannells stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday and ended up discussing handjobs on his role as Elijah ON HBO's Girls.  Rammells...

Justin Bieber Retouched For Calvin Klein

Ok, so we will give credit where credit is due.  Justin Bieber looks pretty good in the pictures.  That said, we still think he...

Ben Cohen Being Sexy

Finn Wittock

Finn Wittrock Is New American Horror Story Psycho

American Horror Story's Dandy Mott played by Finn Wittrock has been catching out attention lately.  If you are watching this seasons you know that once again he...
Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto slams gay community for laziness towards AIDS

AIDS Has Lost The Edge of Horror It Once Possessed In The 80'sZachary Quinto thinks too many people are forgetting the painful legacy of...
One Direction

Harry Styles Says Gender ‘Not That Important’ in Love Interest

One Direction’s Harry Styles hinted he may not be totally straight in a recent interview with On Demand Entertainment.The singer and his bandmate, Liam Payne...
Russell Brand Bisexual

Russell Brand Wishes He Were Bisexual

Russell Brand was being interviewed by Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd when the host went over to give the comedian a hug and jokingly leaned in...
Liam Hemsworth Shirtless

5 Facts About Liam Hemsworth

  Given the rising popularity of Liam, we thought it might be fun to present five fun facts about this masculine, rugged actor. For fun,...

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