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transgender activist alexis arquette dead

Transgender Activist Dead at Age 47

Alexis Arquette Dead at Age 47 Alexis Arquette, a transgender activist and actress best known for playing a Boy George-inspired character in Th Wedding Singer, died at age 47...
scott eastwood pushup challenge

Scott Eastwood Takes Off His Shirt For Pushup Challenge

Scott Eastwood Challenges You! Actor Scott Eastwood shows off his famous physique in a new video posted on Instagram where he takes on ‘the 22 pushup challenge.’ The...
matt bomer handsome man

Matt Bomer Keeps Giving In These 10 GIFs

 Matt Bomer               
zac erfron muscle

Zac Efron Joins Tinder An Body Swipes Right

Zac Efron - "Nobody Swiped Me!" You’d think hunky Zac Efron wouldn’t have a problem finding matches on Tinder, but apparently he did. In an interview...
calvin harris underwear

Do You Want To See Calvin Harris In His Underwear?

Calvin Harris Get Rid of His Shirt Calvin Harris has been heavy hitting at the gym and his sexy body is definitely showing off his...
alexander skarsgard as tarzan

Alexander Skarsgard Loves His Gay Fan, Drags, and Talks About Gay...

Alexander Skarsgard is no stranger to queer-friendly content and theTarzan star is opening up about his experience filming gay sex scenes, dressing in drag...
alexander skarsgaard kisses ryan kwanten

Does Alexander Skarsgård Think ‘True Blood’ Costar Ryan Kwanten is a...

The HBO series may have ended a while ago, with a disappointing ending, but we still keep talking about the sex. During a recent interview...
zachary quinto

Zachary Quinto Does Drag and Gets Freaky

Zachary Quinto is the latest star to join the Lip Sync Battle. He’s set to face off against his Star Trek co-star Zoey Saldana this...
ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Is 49% Woman

Hunky actor Ryan Gosling has revealed he’s “49% woman.”  The Nice Guys star was asked what percentage woman he was and he said: “I’d say 49%, sometimes...

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