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15 Sizzling Mens Underwear Campaigns To Make You Sweat

Who doesn’t love underwear? They’re intimate, they’re sexy and they’re (usually) the last thing you see on a guy before a long night of...

Australian Dancer and Fitness Model Zoran Mckiernan Becomes Candy Man

The images are part of a series called ‘Candy Man’ featuring the Australian dancer turned fitness muscle model, Zoran Mckiernan. Square jawed, strong bodied...

John Stamos Celebrated His 54th Birthday By Stripping Down

On Monday, while so many people were gleefully staring at the sun until their pupils sizzled out, sensible creeps stayed indoors leering at their...

Stephen James, A Hedonist Disrobed

British model Stephen James at Supa Model Management is photographed by Darren Black and styled by Minna Attala in the accessories story 'Disrobed' for Hedonist magazine, with grooming by John Christopher.                  
nude men

Nude Men Alert (NSFW)

Nude Men Alert! Sometimes you just need less words and more nude men!  
manflesh calendar

The Hottest Manflesh Calendar’s In 2017

2017 Medley of Manflesh Happy New Year!  Calendars come in so many themes that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one best suits...
gay football

The Erotic Football Uniform

As the American football season comes to a close, we pay homage to the erotic football..... uniform!        
gay kiss

Straight Men French Kiss Gay Men For the First Time

Do Straight Men Enjoy French Kissing Gay Men? Straight men and gay men play tongue hockey for the first time in a new video that...
cum and sweat

The Tart Beauty of Cum and Sweat

The Tart Beauty of Cum and Sweat "Raw and Unapologetic" Photographic works of the artist, currently living and working in Berlin, focus on physicality in its...

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