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jared leto

Jared Leto Shows Some Skin

Looking for a little additional weekend motivation?  Jared Leto, the actor and frontman for Thirty Seconds To Mars took to instagram with a shirtless...

A Man Takes His Nipples Undercover In ‘Rubdown’

Rubdown is a lighthearted short film from Dennis Hensley who also directed the recent film If We Took a Holiday) about an L.A. gay guy who...

Calvin Klein, A Brief Look

In the early 1980s, Calvin Klein began reshaping the way we think about underwear. As it rolled out its sexy, now iconic ad campaigns...
gay and celibacy

Self Love and Celibacy: Puzzling or Underrated?

Is Self Love Underrated? Self love is a uniting characteristic of peaceful, happy people, but it’s also one that is sorely lacking in many corners of...
straight men

What Makes A Straight Man Jealous At Work?

What to do when the straight guy at work starts to take all the attention from the gay guys? Hire another straight guy. Web comic...

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