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The Vatican Is Shaking Things Up With Its Homoerotic Nativity Scene

If you were to set about artistically rendering Jesus’ “corporal works of mercy,” would you immediately get down to building a well-proportioned muscleman who’s...
men kissing on beach

Kiss Kiss

man pubes

Happy Trails

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Justin Bieber Bares His Naked Body In Revealing Instagram Post

Just in case you missed it.... Justin Bieber decided to surprise his 63 million Instagram followers with a snap of himself standing on the...

A Male Model Walks Naked Into A Gym – Watch

A male model walks into the gym completely naked in a new ad for a German fitness app. FitMit is supported by one of Germany's...

Touching His Naked Back – Poetry

The curtains were half drawn, Duvet lay thick upon the bed. My eyes were closed As I lay there, half asleep.I sensed him sitting on edge of...

Hunger Feasting Upon Hunger – Poetry

Have you gazed intently into his eyes, Searching madly for what Cannot be found upon the human face— Looked closely without forethought or calculation Until ripe moment comes….. Hunger...
robert mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe Documentary Trailer: Look At The Pictures

Explore deeper into the mystery of photographer Robert Maplethorpe who defined raw erotic sexuality.   “I was always fascinated by the idea of taking...

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