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Bibbi Deg

Bibbi Deg, The Hottest Male Influencer

Bibbi Deg, is a Hot-Roman influencer, undoubtedly the undisputed representative of the gay community in social media. Is a great journey on his Instagram profile...
Italian Model

Italian Model Andrea Denver Finds Obsession

  26-year-old Italian model Andrea Denver is clearly doing well for himself. He’s got an endlessly starable Instagram account, a fresh deal with FTAPE.com (who just selected him as...
Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste Giabiconi Heats It Up In New 2017 Calendar

Baptiste Giabiconi This is the first calendar by International French Top model Baptiste Giabiconi working with mastermind Mariano Vivanco, this is how Baptiste celebrates 10...
manflesh calendar

The Hottest Manflesh Calendar’s In 2017

2017 Medley of Manflesh Happy New Year!  Calendars come in so many themes that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one best suits...
naked male model

Aykhan: Dancing & Naked

Presuming his work on the portrait of the male body. We are honored to present the most recent work by Serge Lee ‘Aykhan: Dancing...
david mcintosh

David McIntosh Gets Instabanned

David McIntosh Appreciates His Body David McIntosh is sure one who loves his body.  When you have a body like this, you should probably just...
gym boys

City Gym Boys Let Loose On The View

City Gym Boys Let Loose New York-based City Gym Boys is “an urban fitness company dedicated to shaping minds and bodies.” And judging by this...
russian fitness model

Russian Fitness Model Konstantin Kamynin Gets Naked

Russian Fitness Model Get Naked Konstantin Kamynin is a man of many skills.  He is a self confessed manager, actor, singer, director of musical and...
erotic male model

Erotic Male: Alexey Tsvelodubov Gets Nude

Erotic Male: Alexey Tsvelodubov Gets Nude erotic male                 Russian model Alexey Tsvelodubov by Amer Mohamad

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