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warwick rowers strip

Warwick Rowers Are Stripping Down Again For 2017

The Warwick Rowers Strip Again! It’s that time of year again. Our favorite rowers are stripping down for another steamy calendar. The Warwick Rowers have...
ross rossilino sexy briefs

Ross Rossilino Is Here In Jamie Button Underwear

Ross Rossilino Is Here! Check out this blonde sexy beast.  He is based in Leeds UK and if your looking for a hot new Instagram...
shirtless aussies boxers briefs

Shirtless Aussies Drop Their Shorts In Boxers or Briefs

Enter, the latest installment of The Underwear Expert’s web series “Boxers of Briefs?” The new episode features shirtless Aussies including dancer Locky Brownlie and YouTuber...
shirtless mens gymnastics team

The Men’s 2016 USA Gymnastics Team

2016 Men's USA Gymnastics Team The 2016 Men's USA Gymnastics team is the hottest group of male athletes competing in the Rio Olympics.  Check out...

11 Reasons To Check Out Model Victor Santos

We suggest to turn to see to this Brazilian/ Nippon mixed Victor Santos, if not, we give you 11 reasons to see him, captured...

Pokemon Go: Boxers of Briefs?

Pokemon Go: Boxers or Briefs? Pokémon Go has officially permeated deep into the core of contemporary gay culture. In the latest episode of The Underwear Expert’s...
muscle man gay underwear

Igor Is the One Proven By These 8 Amazing Photos

Igor Kolomivets is a crazy beautiful man with over 241k followers on instagram.  Check out these amazing 8 photos in black and white by  Michael...
shirtless model with cat

Handsome Model Worksout Shirtless With His Cat

Model Travis Deslaurier is melting hearts and winning fans with his shirtless workouts fearing his cat, Jacob. The Canadian model/actor has gained mass popularity in...
gay male ballet dancer


Mexico’s National Dance Company is one of the most important and long-standing companies of Mexico, It was created as an Institution that seeks to...

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