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15 Sizzling Mens Underwear Campaigns To Make You Sweat

Who doesn’t love underwear? They’re intimate, they’re sexy and they’re (usually) the last thing you see on a guy before a long night of...

Calvin Klein, A Brief Look

In the early 1980s, Calvin Klein began reshaping the way we think about underwear. As it rolled out its sexy, now iconic ad campaigns...
pietro boselli

Pietro Boselli Loses strip Rock, Paper, Scissors

Pietro Boselli is everywhere, and yet we still haven’t grown remotely weary of him. Related: Pietro Boselli His The Gym In the following clip, he gamely...
Italian Model

Italian Model Andrea Denver Finds Obsession

  26-year-old Italian model Andrea Denver is clearly doing well for himself. He’s got an endlessly starable Instagram account, a fresh deal with FTAPE.com (who just selected him as...
andrew christian

Get Ready For A Reality Show About Underwear Designer Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian, the designer behind the most presumptuously pouched underwear known to man, is getting his own reality show. “Have you ever wondered what it’s...

Above the Sheets: Men In Underwear At Home Show Body Diversity

‘When you remove everything but their underwear, within the most private of spaces - a bedroom – you can capture the essence of the...
underwear boys

Underwear Boys Strip Down To Carve Pumpkins

Underwear Boys Strip Down To Carve Pumpkins Underwear Expert host and YouTuber DanielXMiller was joined by Matt Crawford (aka DaddyCrawf) to have a pumpkin carving...
andrew christian

Andrew Christian Goes To The Country

Andrew Christian Goes Country Do you need some time to relax in the country and frolick around in your Andrew Christian underwear?  How about living...
west hollywood underwear

West Hollywood Guys Drop Their Shorts

West Hollywood: Boxers of Briefs? The Underwear Expert is in west Hollywood and once again asking their favorite question: boxers or briefs? Host DanielXMiller hit the...

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