Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages


Mother knows best’, or so the saying goes. But does she really know best when you unleash your Grindr account on her?
One fearless son put the theory to the test by setting his mom the ultimate challenge: reading three weeks’ of unread Grindr messages aloud, on camera.

Armed with large glasses of wine, Irish radio DJ Riyadh Khalaf and his intrepid mom got a glimpse into the hilarious, explicit and squirmingly awkward messages received – but mom remained unfazed, even offering opinions on which men to pick (muscles are a plus; hoodies and bad spelling are a big turn off, it seems.)

Even after being confronted with threesomes, nude pics, and a world of new vocabulary, both mom and son proved themselves to be good sports, testing their relationship to the limits as they shared a giggle over the meaning of ‘group fun’. And no, we’re not talking about board games.

‘I’m slightly traumatized… my mind has been opened, let’s put it that way!’ she said.
Speaking to GSN, Riyadh explained the logic behind his unusual idea. ‘It took me about a month to convince my mom to actually sit and film the video,’ he said. ‘As you can see she’s a super classy lady and was afraid she would come across in a bad way.’ ‘We’ve both been blown away by all the love and amazing comments. Our phones haven’t stopped buzzing for over 24 hours!’

And the good news? It looks like there are more hilarious videos to come. ‘I never expected it to go viral but it makes me think the idea of more videos as a duo is something we should totally do.’